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Unpacking the Layers of Identity Fraud

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How a new approach can help stop stolen and synthetic identities

With each new data breach, the world of identity fraud is becoming more complex. As businesses deal with the growing use of stolen and synthetic credentials, it is more critical than ever to deploy the right solutions at the time of new account onboarding. Traditional solutions are becoming increasingly ineffective, and businesses need an adaptive solution that proactively detects sophisticated fraud patterns in real time. 

Join Stephen Moody, Solutions Architecture Director and Sharon Lucero, Product Marketing Manager as they share how to:

  • Detect and block new account applications using stolen and synthetic identity credentials
  • Enhance customer experience and reduce friction during the onboarding process
  • Improve application acceptance rates
  • Comply with KYC regulations
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About Our Speakers

Stephen Moody

Solutions Architecture Director

Sharon Lucero

Product Marketing Manager